One of the big challenges of Point of Sale marketing is to make the customer journey an enjoyable and entertaining experience which places the brand at the centre of everything.

For the first time, the agency Buzzeo has joined forces with MPV to offer visitors a genuine Shopper experience

The Lipton Green Ice Tea brand will be in attendance for the three-day duration and will run promotional activities in different parts of the exhibition.

« Lipton will be the DRINK partner of the 2016 show. On this occasion, it will present its latest launch, Lipton Green Ice Tea, a new refreshing green tea drink with reduced sugar. The exhibition entrance will see the staging of promotional actions in the same way as a shop car park, with a high visibility set-up immediately plunging the visitor into the shopper experience.

The set-up is an extension of the Outstore roadshow with a delivery bike, high table, flag banners, etc to fulfil the experience in the point of sale.

The visitor will have the opportunity to discover this new product and refresh their senses as soon as they arrive at MPV. »

This year, MPV has enhanced the role of live promotion in its content offering.

Buzzeo will support this transition by offering the visitor an experience akin to that of a shopper in their store.

More than ever before, the show will reflect the ambition of points of sale to be much more than a place for buying things, but a place for meeting and sharing with the shopper.

In this perspective, we will bring added value to the show in several ways:

- Offering the brand LIPTOM the chance to run live promotional actions at the show entrance like it does on a superstore car park. From the very start of their visit, the shopper will commence their experience with a sample handout of the new Lipton Green Ice Tea. The set-up will be highly-visible, with its delivery bike, staff and the matching brand environment.
- Taking part in the organisation of a parade of 8 mascots who will roam up and down the aisles of the show like they do in points of sale. A way of embodying brands and going towards the visitors in a fun and entertaining manner.
- Setting up a photo call entitled « At MPV, you meet some great people » with the mascots, naturally. Photos will then be displayed on a large screen at the show entrance with the hashtag for the best viral and digital effect! »

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