Digital Innovation


  • Retail has become all-encompassing and the customer journey has become seamless and continuous, all thanks to digital. Whether it’s to get to know the customer or to redesign a point of sale, connected tools are developing and so are their uses. Appropriately implemented, these tools can enhance a personalised customer relationship and create added value in-store. 

    As a reflection of the trends emerging on its market, MPV – Marketing at Retail has decided to devote a display area to digital innovations and puts emphasis on the challenges of “phygital” retail, through a programme of talks and workshops, its exhibitor offering and its new feature zone, Shopping Innovation by PICOM. To provide a clear demonstration of its potential, the show offers a genuine augmented visiting experience.


  • Touchscreen sales aids, 3D design, mobile to store strategies, smart digitalisation, geo-positioning, connected stores, software designers, sensory marketing, iBeacons, augmented reality, interactive terminals, dynamic display screens, etc.… More than 40 exhibitors are waiting to meet you and present you with their point of sale digital solutions:


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  • Come and discover start-ups working for the retailers of the future! Smart shopping, mobile payment, virtual queuing, click & collect, electronic labelling, indoor mobile marketing strategies, etc. For its debut at MPV, PICOM (a competitive cluster for the retail industry) will be in attendance, accompanied by 8 start-ups:

    • Ineat Conseil
    • Fitizzy
    • Keyneosoft
    • Ubudu
    • Lineberty
    • Pricer
    • StimShop
    • VB2S



  • POPAI France recently launched a new organisation aimed at accommodating and supporting the development of start-ups specialising in connected systems for retail and distribution. Five firms will be attending the show to present their innovations to the public. 

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  • Around ten talks and coaching sessions will be offered during the 3 days of the show.
    On the agenda:

    Retail Experience: giving emotional value to functional processes (by Customer Experience)
    Agency Space, Tuesday 5 April, 11.30-12.15

    Digital strategies to enhance the customer experience
    POPAI Coaching, Tuesday 5 April, 15.00 – 15.45

    The Consumer Experience: from brand power to the consumer experience, the challenge for retail (by Centdegrés)
    POPAI Coaching, Tuesday 5 April, 15.30-16.15

    Digital Design: the popularity of LED screens in a digital project
    POPAI Coaching, Wednesday 6 April, 10.00-10.45

    Redesigning chilled food promotion using digital and smart POS (by PND)
    Agora, Wednesday 6 April, 14.00-14.45

    Phygital commerce: a model for retail transformation (by Improveeze)
    Agora, Wednesday 6 April, 15.00-15.45

    What digitalisation of your shops for what customer journeys and experiences?
    POPAI Coaching, Thursday 7 April, 11.00 - 11.45

    Retail digitalisation, what content for what uses? (by Retail Media)
    Agora, Thursday 7 April, 11.00-11.45

    Retail digitalisation, between useful and useless (par Sheil France)
    POPAI Coaching, Thursday 7 April, 11.30-12.15

    CRI: a new organisation dedicated to start-ups specialising in connected systems for retail and distribution.
    POPAI Coaching, Thursday 7 April, 12.00-12.45

    Consult the full programme


  • For a full and comprehensive shopper experience, MPV has appointed consultancy Cent degrés (global design consultancy) to conduct its digital animation.
    With live posting on social media, interaction with visitors through their twitter accounts, information streaming about show events and images from the various photo calls, all displayed on a big screen at the show entrance, the show goes 100% connected and offers visitors an augmented experience!


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