MPV 2021 animation 

Daydream: Augmented reality animation by Wilkins Avenue AR

The re-enchantment of physical retail thanks to augmented reality for the first time in France.


3D and Augmented Reality for physical retail

Wilkins Avenue AR, an international reference in the creation of Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, presents for the first time in France a unique experience dedicated to the reenchantment of physical retail: Daydream to be found at the MPV show.


Combining digital and physical


Discover a unique experience on MPV that perfectly combines the digital and physical worlds at the point of sale and at a distance.


Thanks to the magic of 3D and Augmented Reality, physical products are sublimated by spectacular interactive content that reinvents the shopping experience.


In concret terms, what does Daydream animation consist of?


At Wilkins Avenue AR booth E87, browse around 3 classic displays each featuring a perfume, a watch and a dress..

How to start this new experience? Equipped with Augmented Reality glasses or an iPad Pro ©, rediscover these products thanks to the addition of layers of interactive and immersive 3D content.

Storytelling, informative , educational, situational content, ... 

Which use of augmented reality will you prefer? Dive into the universe of each product and come out conquered!


Where to find the Daydream animation?

Retrouvez l'animation Daydream sur MPV, stand Wilkins Avenue AR:

E87 booth

Who is Wilkins Avenue AR?

Wilkins Avenue AR is a leading creator of premium Augmented Reality (AR) experiences, both in-store & online:

" We mix the physical & digital worlds. We created the world's biggest AR location-based experience, showcased at Comic Con Paris.

We are currently working with high-profile brands to turn physical retail into stunning digital experiences and to bring that magic to consumers at home. We reinvent the shopping experience with AR.

Our technology and our unique creativity can be deployed on any kind of devices, from smartphones to AR headsets. "