• 26 - 28 May 2020
  • Porte de Versailles


by Monique Large

Questionning the future of retail


''The goals of the RetailFictions is to question tomorrow, to consider potential futur problems and involvments of marketing at retail. The point is not to foresee the future, but to plan possible scenarios and prepare for tomorrow with agility.''

Monique Large, Pollen Consutling

7 RetailFictions ...

... nourshed by quite extreme visions of the future, of emerging technologies, the taboos in marketing at retail and mainstream fantasies about the future.

... defined during work sessions the MPV Team, they are articulated as "what if ..." scenarios

... conceived and illustrated by PollenConsulting

... challenged by a panel of experts : ONE designer, ONE start-uper, TWO brands, TWO journalists, ONE representative of an industrial organisation... a diversity of visions to cultivate reflections .

What if ...

RetailFiction n°1 : What if ... we were to banish plastic from all retail spaces ?

Then how to enliven these sales points 100% packageless, to highlight the brands, inform and charm the custommer with 0 impact on the environnement ?

RetailFiction n°2 : What if ... we were to accommodate the young in shopping centers ?

How to enliven vacant spaces in retail areas while ensuring suitable condition for developping businesses ?

RetailFiction n°3 : What if ... we were to produce all our products in the sales point ?

How to facilitate the eco-friendly way of life with the retail ?

RetailFiction n°4 : What if ... ads were to vanish before reaching the saturation point of our brains ?

How to enable everyone to regulate their own exposure to ads in sales point ?

RetailFiction n°5 : What if ... consummers were to demand total transparency ?

In these times of connected devices, what technology could we conceive to secure informations 100% reliable and available for all ?

RetailFiction n°6 : What if ... everything was on delivery ?

Out of the point of sale, how to physically engage the client in a memorable experience ?

RetailFiction n°7 : What if ... everything was to be rent, lended, traded, shared ?

What personnalized and trusting retail experience offer to those who do not buy anymore ?

Come and discover all tthe answers conceived by Monique Large on the show !